July 1st, 2022

Welcome to Friday! And July. And a holiday long weekend in many countries.

I can’t believe it’s already here. This year is going by so quickly.

And look! Some videos!!

Hybrid Bharatham EPISODE 5 | Usha Jey Choreography

This is somewhat making the rounds. Uhsa Jey’s trio of dancers switch between Bharatanatyam traditional Indian dancing and street hip-hop.

Dramatic power moves. I love it!

Why can parrots talk? – Grace Smith-Vidaurre and Tim Wright

“Explore the specialized anatomy that allows parrots to talk, scream, curse, and recite facts like humans.”

FRASIER Trailer (2022)

“Dr. Frasier Crane resurfaces after a 20-year absence, but with his return comes a reckoning that will alter not only the lives of those he once loved, but the very foundation of Seattle itself.”

This is a parody trailer. Really well done.

Making Cycling Safer by Converting My Grill in to a…

…bicycle bell.

It’s a ridiculous video, but well done.

Well there we go! Starting off July with some pretty okay little videos!

Have a great (long?) weekend, and see you next Friday!


June 24th, 2022

Hallo Friday folks!

Made it!

And there went June already. Phew!

Let’s go!

ms unicorn got to go on stage with the real trey!!

That being Trey Anastasio.

This video is everything! So amazing.


“This film explores the module as the origin of harmony of a pattern, finding beauty in simplicity.”

From Diatomic studio.

Tiny Pump 2X | NEW and IMPROVED miniature pump for Sleeping Pads | Flextail Gear Tiny Pump2X

To be clear: it is pretty rare that I would ever feature a product demo video here, but look at how tiny this thing is!

It’s longer than it needs to be but colour me impressed.

Sent along by Tina C.

The Doodlestation

A weird, weird, custom synth + effects modular musical instrument setup.

He switches on a custom tape-delay system which blew my mind.

What a bizarre little (big!) setup!

From Love Hultén, who has created several other weird custom synthesizers.

Bonus Video!


By youtuber and animal accompanist Kevon Carter. All of his content is pretty awesome.

Well done!

Well there we go, we’re all video’d up. On Friday!

Have a great weekend!


June 17th, 2022

We made it to Friday everybody!

This was a fast week (for me.) Hopefully it wasn’t too insane for any of you.

It’s video time hey? Yah! Yah video time hey?

10 Levels of Sleight of Hand: Cheating at Poker

“Don’t watch this video and then try this stuff in a game or think you can’t be cheated. I make these videos for entertainment so that people can more deeply appreciate the craft and the art of sleight-of-hand.”

From YouTuber Daniel Roy who has many other videos which may be of interest. He’s got great technique.

Learn to JUGGLE 3 BALLS – Beginner Tutorial

From professional juggler Taylor Glenn.

Very clear, and also entertaining.

Driving 2021 BAOJUN KiWi EV (E300 Plus) WULING GSEV China & Auto Parking Demo (Nobody Inside the Car)

This is an electric car which is only available in China.

It’s a very capable vehicle.

GM is apparently a part-owner of this company so possibly it could become available outside of China as well. There’s certainly some demand for it already.

Even Smaller Spirograph

By “smaller”, they mean “smaller than this one“.

This is great!

And those have been your Friday Videos!

Have a lovely Friday, and an excellent pre-summer Weekend.

See you in seven days!


June 10th, 2022

Well hello Friday folks!

I can’t believe we made it to June already. Bit it’s pretty great that we did!

Video time!

Oldest known mechanical clock @ Salisbury Cathedral


It ran continuously for just under five hundred years, and most recently has run continuously since 1956 (66 years.)

W5 TV Report On Punk In 80’s L.A. (Social Distortion)

W5 is a Canadian investigative news show on Canada’s CTV network. This clip appears to be from around 1983.

Cringe-worthy, and the video quality is lacking, but it’s interesting!

What the Completed Great Pyramid Would’ve Looked Like

“Today, the Great Pyramid is tinted by smog and pollution, but when it was first built, the sanded limestone used to make it would’ve shone magnificently.”

Essai d’ouverture (1988) / Teste de Abertura

aka: original, sometimes bizarre methods for opening a coke bottle.

A weird, weird little short film.

And there we go. Alllll set for Videos on a Friday.

Have a great weekend everybody!


June 3rd, 2022

Due to ongoing technical issues I had to omit this week’s Friday Videos. Look for more next week, and have a lovely June weekend!

May 27th, 2022

Welcome, Friday people, to your Friday Videos!

Most basketball three pointers in one minute (single ball) – Guinness World Records

The Harlem Globetrotters, ladies and gentlemen.

The Antikythera Mechanism Episode 1 – Greeks, Clocks and Rockets

From extremely skilled mechanical clock maker “ClickSpring“, who is on a mission to recreate, from scratch, by hand, a working model of the original Antikythera Mechanism created in c.60BC.

There’s an entire playlist of his progress on this project since 2017.

These are quite long videos, covering a lot of very detailed work and research. I loved it.

And it’s not done yet. More to come.

How Used Chopsticks Are Turned Into Tables, Tiles, And Other Furniture

“People around the world discard at least 80 billion pairs of chopsticks every year. ChopValue, a Canadian company, wants to give those wood utensils a second life as shelves, furniture, and countertops.”

Pretty cool!

How to make tortillas – Guatemala

“Elizabeth, the mother of an Unbound (formerly CFCA) sponsored child, demonstrates how to make corn tortillas and explains what makes Guatemalan tortillas so good.”

I could not do this, and I’ve tried.

Short and concise.

We have reached the end for this week. Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! Happy end of May!

See you next week everybody.


May 20th, 2022

Well hello there Friday!

And where I live, it’s a long weekend!

Are you ready? For Friday Videos?



Record Jet Suit Mountain Ascent

“We proved you can scale a Lake District Mountain (3100ft Helveylln) in 3mins 30 seconds, despite very poor visibility that would have grounded a HEMS Helicopter. The Mountain Rescue foot response is over 70 minutes typically. The route was 1.2 miles and 2200ft of height gain.”

This is… wow. This is incredible footage.

Related: Royal Navy ops boarding a ship using a jetpack.

They’re here, they’re just extremely specialized equipment. (And very expensive.)

You can also train to fly one for £6,000 (!)

Tiger Rag

“A lively version of the old classic, performed on my homemade Callioforte.”

The performer, Len Solomon, is super energetic and entertaining.

More info here.

ORIGAMI DUCK (Jo Nakashima)

Note: this is long. But Mr. Nakashima will show you, in detail, how to cut and fold paper to make a uniquely designed Duck from origami.

Immigrant Song | Rubber Chicken Cover

As ridiculous as this video is, this is a pretty impressive skill!

Well there we go. All video’d up for your weekend!

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

See you next week. Stay safe!


May 13th, 2022

Hey look it’s Friday you guys!!

And yes, it’s the 13th, which is lucky!!

And hey look! It’s video time! Hey look!

Let’s go…

Reliving the Dial-Up Internet Experience in 2020

“A video where I demonstrate the late 1990s dial-up experience using near period-accurate hardware, connecting to modern websites using outdated browsers over a 31.2kbit/s dial-up connection.”

I’m old, so I remember this being very normal for a long, long time. This also highlights just how much data modern websites – and especially ad providers – are delivering just to present a single page to you. (It’s a lot!)

Remarkable new species of deep-sea crown jelly discovered in depths of Monterey Bay

“Atolla is one of the most common residents of the ocean’s midnight zone. This deep-sea crown jelly is found worldwide and can be abundant in deep water. Its bell has a signature scarlet color and it has one tentacle that is much longer than the rest.”

Much more information here. Wow!

Tiny Teeth, Fearsome Beasts

“We’re meeting Kylie Ferguson, who found the fossilized skull of a nimravid in Badlands National Park as a third grader. The nimravid is distantly related to the saber-toothed cat – but no less ferocious. Kylie revisits the skull she found years ago and learns that it contains all the makings of a 32-million-year-old murder mystery.”

This is a preview for the PBS series “Prehistoric Road Trip”.

Imagine being that young and actually discovering a real, and rare, fossil. Amazing.

90 Year Old Ice Cream Maker Restoration

Lovingly restoring – and using – a 100 year old manual ice cream maker.

Well there we go. Videos! Friday! Done!

Thanks for watching along at home all of you.

Have an amazing weekend.


May 6th, 2022

Oh hey there Friday,

I didn’t see you there…

THE BATMAN, but with Goofy Batman

“We put original Batman into the newest Batman movie trailer.”

Yeah they did!

“Clown Parents” | My Favorite Murder Animated – Ep. 35 with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

This is part of a series of fantastic animated shorts created by Nick Terry for the podcast “My Favorite Murder”.

These are well done, and hilarious, and all of them are worth a look.

Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound

“The scream of a TIE fighter. The Pew-Pew! of a blaster. Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound spotlights the team of creators who collaborate to make the magic we hear onscreen.”

Definitely making the rounds but it’s good to see them shed a light on the still-innovative foley artists at Skywalker Sound and LucasFilm.

4000 hours to BUILD my DREAM CAR in 17 minutes

“This is the 17 min timelapse video of my GT40 project build. Started in 2017 and finished in 2021, this car is my goal dream ever. I shared over than 4000 hours and 4 years of work trough 70 videos.”

And he does mean: build his dream car. He fabricates the body himself. He builds the frame himself. It is insane.

Maybe not for everybody but holy COW the amount of effort this took…

Well there we go. Friday is now full of videos.

Happy Friday, and happy Weekend!

See you next Friday.


April 29th, 2022

Welcome back to Friday!

Whuhoooooo we did it.

Final April Friday video time…

Michelle Yeoh Breaks Down ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Scene with Directors | Vanity Fair

This little video is so full of complicated filmmaking information, but also immense creativity and adventurousness.

The mixture of the complexity of the film’s story (anyway!) and THEN adding Covid-19 lockdowns to the shooting schedule means they really had to improvise a lot.

Really amazing.

Guitar through modular synth sounds ridiculous

From quite popular YouTuber and accomplished musician Andrew Huang this shows the crazy range of things you can do to the sound of a guitar using various parts of a massive modular synthesizer.

I’m not sure it’s particularly “musical” but it’s… interesting.

Pachelbel train horn – Prague Main Railway Station

Exactly what it says. Pachelbel’s Canon performed by carefully edited train horns.

Want to see a quokka eat a leaf?

…Of course you do!

I hope your Friday has been happy, and calm, and positive, and I hope your weekend is lovely.

See you next week.