June 17th, 2022

We made it to Friday everybody!

This was a fast week (for me.) Hopefully it wasn’t too insane for any of you.

It’s video time hey? Yah! Yah video time hey?

10 Levels of Sleight of Hand: Cheating at Poker

“Don’t watch this video and then try this stuff in a game or think you can’t be cheated. I make these videos for entertainment so that people can more deeply appreciate the craft and the art of sleight-of-hand.”

From YouTuber Daniel Roy who has many other videos which may be of interest. He’s got great technique.

Learn to JUGGLE 3 BALLS – Beginner Tutorial

From professional juggler Taylor Glenn.

Very clear, and also entertaining.

Driving 2021 BAOJUN KiWi EV (E300 Plus) WULING GSEV China & Auto Parking Demo (Nobody Inside the Car)

This is an electric car which is only available in China.

It’s a very capable vehicle.

GM is apparently a part-owner of this company so possibly it could become available outside of China as well. There’s certainly some demand for it already.

Even Smaller Spirograph

By “smaller”, they mean “smaller than this one“.

This is great!

And those have been your Friday Videos!

Have a lovely Friday, and an excellent pre-summer Weekend.

See you in seven days!