April 15th, 2022

Happy Friday!

And of course in many places, today is also a holiday. Happy Easter!

It’s time for Friday Videos!

How pigeons took over the world – Elizabeth Carlen and Joanna Moles

A recent TED talk.

As usual, some interesting details are uncovered.

Sent in by Kate S.

Building a Mid Century Vinyl Record Media Cabinet / Modern Plywood Furniture

From maker and YouTuber Madebyraphael.

He makes all of this look super easy. A great little design.

Inside The Factory Kinder Joy Eggs Making Machines

Self explanatory.

Parkour Challenges On A MASSIVE Rollercoaster

This is definitely very “produced”, but the work here is still pretty cool.

This is the Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, near Cleebronn in Germany. One of the largest rollercoasters in the world.

Well happy Good Friday everybody!

I hope your weekend is long, and relaxing, and calm.

Stay safe, and see you next Friday!