April 1st, 2022

Welcome to the first Friday in April!

And where I live… it’s… it’s snowing…?!

Seems like a good time to watch some videos!

Mii Channel Theme played by 4 teleporting violists

Created cleverly by YouTube Violist Beanzo, whose channel is worth a look.

Well done.

Also this theme makes me somehow feel old.

How Silent Movie Special Effects Were Done

The answer is: “In camera”.

Some very clever achievements here.

Making Marbles

“We supply industrial marbles manufactured in China. Here is a quick tour of our factory and the marble making process. We also supply decorative marbles packaged as you request.”

From the Sino Sales factory in Ningbo, China.

Gold Bronze Metallic Paint To Sample 911 GT3 Timelapse

This video is poorly titled. It should literally instead be “Porsche 911 Complete Build Time Lapse”

You can watch the entire build process of a full size Porsche (several hours) in only four minutes.

Well done.

Well there we go! Friday videos achievement unlocked!

Have a fantastic weeekend everybody. See you next Friday.