March 25th, 2022

Hey look, it’s Friday!

It’s the last one in March 2022. I can’t believe that went by so quickly. (For me at least.)

It’s video time!

Playing Darts

Or, I guess, attempting to…

This feels like a Mr. Bean “POV” video.

Funny! Well done.

Succession But It’s Arrested Development

Making the rounds and quite good.

How To Befriend A Crow

“In this video I want to show you how to make friends with a wild crow in 4 steps. All you need is some food and patience.”

Note: they can become quite attached!

John Warnock Introduces Adobe Illustrator in 1987


This demo is being done on an original Macintosh computer.

It’s easy to forget how old some super-common software is now. I first used Excel in 1983 on a Tandy model 100. Crrrrrazy.

Ta-daaaaa! Friday Videos!

I hope your weekend is fantastic.

Stay safe! See you next Friday.