March 4th, 2022


We made it. Phew. This year really is not letting up is it?

Welcome to March!

Let’s get to the videos…

TikTok Dryer Beat Duet Chain but its actually good lol

Honestly, fantastic!

Part of a huge playlist of said “TikTok duet chains“, all of which I recommend. Wow. Day maker.

BANDALOOP Takes Flight – Dancing on a Skyscraper

“You’ve probably never seen anything like this before. Six members of the vertical dance troupe BANDALOOP descended the façade of the new 100 Northern Ave. building commemorating its grand opening at Boston’s Seaport District. The performers are held securely by special rigging allowing them to mesmerize audiences with dynamic physicality and intricate choreography. You’ll want to turn on the sound for this one.”

Honestly: kind of amazing. Wow

Cooking with Wool: Pizza

Cleverly animated by Andrea Love.

Well done!


I will TAKE IT!!

(ft. Franzl Lang)

Well there we go. Friday Videooooos!

Have a great weekend everybody! See you in a week.