February 18th, 2022

Welcome back to Friday everybody!

Ready to see some videos?

Yeah you are! Let’s go!

All the pop-up meme cards I’ve made so far (Pop-up book of memes 2022 update)

“This is a video compilation of all the pop-up memes I’ve made so far. I will use these (or a selection) for my #popupbookofmemes project.”

From YouTuber and crafter “PaperPaul“.

These are great!

Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies

“Casino game protection expert Sal Piacente reviews notorious card counting and casino game cheating scenes from films including ‘Rain Man,’ ‘Rounders,’ ‘The Sting,’ ‘Austin Powers,’ ‘Casino,’ ‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’ ‘The Cooler,’ ‘Runner Runner,’ ‘Now You See Me 2,’ ‘Shade’ and ’21.'”

He knows some interesting tricks.

A great little video.

Monkeyball Masterclass

“It’s not about the ball. It’s about the Monkey inside.”

A fake “Master Class” for playing the classic Nintendo GameCube game “Super Monkey Ball”. (Which definitely is hard!)

Funny. Accurate.

The ancient secrets revealed by deciphered tablets | BBC Ideas

“Cuneiform is the earliest known form of writing. For thousands of years, no one was able to translate it. When it was finally cracked, it gave us some astonishing insights into the ancient world…”

Fantastic little mini-doc on the discovery of how to translate ancient text.

Sent in by Jennifer R.

And there we go! Friday Videos, sorted!

Have a happy Friday and an excellent (long?) weeekend!

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