December 10th, 2021

Happy Friday!

Merry Christmas!

Over at the Friday Links, I posted my annual Christmas Giving Guide, so please feel free to check that out. (Also: there are Friday Links there!)

It is Friday Video Time!

Guessing The Colors of Scented Markers

“Tommy Edison, who was born blind, takes the challenge of trying to guess the color of nine different Mr. Sketch Scented Markers.”

An odd little video.

Sent along by Kate S.

Anyone Can Be a Math Person Once They Know the Best Learning Techniques

“Po-Shen Loh is a Hertz Foundation Fellow and Carnegie Mellon mathematics professor who thinks that history is a much harder subject than math. Do you agree? Well, your position on that might change before and after this video.”

I found this super interesting.

Coolest Concert Ever? Hear Ice Instruments Play Beautiful Music

“Introduced by American ice sculptor Tim Linhart, musicians play hand-carved ice instruments inside a glowing igloo concert hall.”


Beggin’ – Frankie Valli video re-mix

A weird, yet somehow more accessible video from weirdo Cyriak.

And there we go! Christmas season Friday Videos for yyyyyoooouuuu!

Happy Friday! Have an excellent weekend.