November 5th, 2021

Well look at that it’s Friday again!

And it’s November! Yay.

I only have three videos this week. I do what I can.

Let’s get it!

Radiohead – Follow Me Around (Official Video)

This is from the forthcoming Kid A Mnesia collection and while the song itself is pretty good, this video is NUTS!

How they achieved this is a huge puzzle. Beautifully shot.

Flying with 50 drone motors (homemade flying machine)

What a crazy setup. 3D-printed propellor chutes, 50 propellors, a graduated wireless controller and a parachute.

The thing works for very short trips. Crazy little setup.

Markus Eder’s The Ultimate Run – The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined

“Sometimes my mind goes kind of crazy about skiing and I ask myself, what if…?” – Markus Eder

This is making the rounds, and for good reason.

A breathtaking ski run. Phew!

And there we go! Videos! Allll wrapped up on a Friday!

Have an excellent weekend everybody.