August 27th, 2021

Well hellooooo Friday!

We made it! That’s another week down. That’s another month down! Well done.

And it’s video time!

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 5

“What would happen if I tried to explain what’s happening now to the December 2020 version of myself?”

The newest episode of this from Julie Nolke.

Did you know that she also makes cooking videos for TasteMade? She does!

How To Cut Every Cheese | Method Mastery | Epicurious

“Join Anne Saxelby, founder and co-owner of Saxelby Cheesemongers, for a crash course on how to impress your entourage with any fromage.”

Super specific instructions!

Renault’s Backwards Car

“Renault’s Project 900 is certainly an odd-looking car, but it’s also a car designed to break new ground.”

What a… weird idea! Why would you do that?!?!

Created in 1959 as a concept car. Bizarro-world vehicle idea.

Much more information here.

The Accidental Invention of the Best Snack Food Ever

“In 1853, George Crum was a chef at the Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs, Ny. One day, a customer ordered fried potatoes. “

Huh! I never thought to ever find out when these came about.

And there we go. Another Friday all wrapped up!

Have an excellent weekend everybody, and stay safe out there.