August 20th, 2021

Friday at last!

Glad to be here. I mean, glad to be anywhere if you know what I mean.

And look! Videos! Let’s gooooo…

p e r m u t a t i o n . c i t y

“An experiment in AI assisted video composition.

“Original footage owned by STORROR® Parkour Team:,

“Algorithmically remixed by Created using custom software written in rust and python.”

Holy cow. It’s a bit jarring to watch (the soundtrack doesn’t help that 🙂 ) But wwwwwow this is definitely “new” video. I wonder what sparked the idea?

This Bee Builds Sandcastles at the Beach | Deep Look

“It might seem peculiar to see bees at the beach. But the bumblebee-mimic digger bee (Anthophora bomboides stanfordiana) makes its home at beaches in Northern California and Oregon. Once they’ve mated, the females spend the spring digging their nests into sandy cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.”

Jumbo: Marvel, Myth & Mascot

“Jumbo the elephant was one of the most famous animals that ever walked the earth. Born on the African savannah, he went on to become a celebrity on both sides of the Atlantic, first at the London Zoo and then as the star attraction of P.T. Barnum’s circus.”

It’s a sad story but super interesting.

h/t Miss Cellenia.

Contra Returns In Real Life

The most 80s of action arcade games brought to life.

Well there we go. Videos done.

Have an excellent Friday and a fantastic weekend.

See you again next week.