August 6th, 2021

We have arrived, again, at Friday!

And where I live, it’s hot!!

And now it’s video time…

June 1st, 2021 – Andrews, Texas – Hail Dumping Madness

“Our day was almost a bust yesterday. We were in New Mexico with crappy storms, shooting tarantulas and flowers, but then we were making our way to Lubbock and on the way saw one of the most spectacular storms I’ve ever witnessed. We dropped south of Andrews, Texas and the magic unfolded right before our eyes.”

Just a huge, huge storm. Wow!

We Made Kids Toys Extra Dangerous

(self explanatory)

For science…?

Carpool Lane

I have no idea why it’s called that, but this is a video of four jugglers performing some incredibly deft juggling feats.

This Beach Does Not Exist – Random Latent Walk (StyleGAN2-Ada, psi=0.75)

“StyleGAN2-ADA network trained in HD resolution 1280×768 on dataset with ~20.000 images of the beach. All of these beaches are AI-generated.”

More information here.

Kind of cool!

Thanks for playing along at home.

I hope your Friday is awesome, and your weekend is relaxing and calm.

Happy Friday!