August 27th, 2021

Well hellooooo Friday!

We made it! That’s another week down. That’s another month down! Well done.

And it’s video time!

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 5

“What would happen if I tried to explain what’s happening now to the December 2020 version of myself?”

The newest episode of this from Julie Nolke.

Did you know that she also makes cooking videos for TasteMade? She does!

How To Cut Every Cheese | Method Mastery | Epicurious

“Join Anne Saxelby, founder and co-owner of Saxelby Cheesemongers, for a crash course on how to impress your entourage with any fromage.”

Super specific instructions!

Renault’s Backwards Car

“Renault’s Project 900 is certainly an odd-looking car, but it’s also a car designed to break new ground.”

What a… weird idea! Why would you do that?!?!

Created in 1959 as a concept car. Bizarro-world vehicle idea.

Much more information here.

The Accidental Invention of the Best Snack Food Ever

“In 1853, George Crum was a chef at the Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs, Ny. One day, a customer ordered fried potatoes. “

Huh! I never thought to ever find out when these came about.

And there we go. Another Friday all wrapped up!

Have an excellent weekend everybody, and stay safe out there.


August 20th, 2021

Friday at last!

Glad to be here. I mean, glad to be anywhere if you know what I mean.

And look! Videos! Let’s gooooo…

p e r m u t a t i o n . c i t y

“An experiment in AI assisted video composition.

“Original footage owned by STORROR® Parkour Team:,

“Algorithmically remixed by Created using custom software written in rust and python.”

Holy cow. It’s a bit jarring to watch (the soundtrack doesn’t help that 🙂 ) But wwwwwow this is definitely “new” video. I wonder what sparked the idea?

This Bee Builds Sandcastles at the Beach | Deep Look

“It might seem peculiar to see bees at the beach. But the bumblebee-mimic digger bee (Anthophora bomboides stanfordiana) makes its home at beaches in Northern California and Oregon. Once they’ve mated, the females spend the spring digging their nests into sandy cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.”

Jumbo: Marvel, Myth & Mascot

“Jumbo the elephant was one of the most famous animals that ever walked the earth. Born on the African savannah, he went on to become a celebrity on both sides of the Atlantic, first at the London Zoo and then as the star attraction of P.T. Barnum’s circus.”

It’s a sad story but super interesting.

h/t Miss Cellenia.

Contra Returns In Real Life

The most 80s of action arcade games brought to life.

Well there we go. Videos done.

Have an excellent Friday and a fantastic weekend.

See you again next week.


August 13th, 2021

Helloooooo Friday people!!

We’re here, and it’s Friday (the 13th,) and it’s time for videos!

Let’s go!!

Matches (2021.01.24-2021.08.09)

Study & Stop motion by Tomohiro Okazaki (designer)

Look at that date range. Seven months!

Holy cow these animations are so cleverly executed. I was expecting a fairly short video but he keeps adding more and more tricks to it.

Not a wasted frame in the whole thing. Well done!

Making the rounds, and worth every second.

Vank Walen – “Your Jumpin’ Heart”

Van Halen’s “Jump” overtop of Hank Williams Jr.’s “Your Cheatin’ Heart”.

A ridiculous yet somehow perfect mashup from Bill McClintock.

The Magic of Suits | Brunello Cucinelli

“In the tailor’s workshop, among mannequins, fabrics, threads and buttons, the magic of tailoring comes alive, creating a world poised between dream and reality that is recounted through the imagination of artist Virgilio Villoresi.”

Beautifully conceived.

Walt Disney Imagineering Innovation Showcase | Disney Parks

“Walt Disney Imagineering was selected as one of Fast Company’s 2021 Best Workplaces for Innovators. This honor recognizes companies that successfully foster cultures of innovation and encourage employees to discover, explore and invent.”

This appears to coincide with the launch of their new Disney+ show “Behind The Attraction“.

Well there we go! Friday is alllll video’d up.

Thanks for watching from home everybody. I hope you’re doing as well as you can be.

Stay safe. And I hope your weekend is fantastic.

See you in seven days.


August 6th, 2021

We have arrived, again, at Friday!

And where I live, it’s hot!!

And now it’s video time…

June 1st, 2021 – Andrews, Texas – Hail Dumping Madness

“Our day was almost a bust yesterday. We were in New Mexico with crappy storms, shooting tarantulas and flowers, but then we were making our way to Lubbock and on the way saw one of the most spectacular storms I’ve ever witnessed. We dropped south of Andrews, Texas and the magic unfolded right before our eyes.”

Just a huge, huge storm. Wow!

We Made Kids Toys Extra Dangerous

(self explanatory)

For science…?

Carpool Lane

I have no idea why it’s called that, but this is a video of four jugglers performing some incredibly deft juggling feats.

This Beach Does Not Exist – Random Latent Walk (StyleGAN2-Ada, psi=0.75)

“StyleGAN2-ADA network trained in HD resolution 1280×768 on dataset with ~20.000 images of the beach. All of these beaches are AI-generated.”

More information here.

Kind of cool!

Thanks for playing along at home.

I hope your Friday is awesome, and your weekend is relaxing and calm.

Happy Friday!