June 11th, 2021

Welcome back to Friday!

Phew this was a fast week (for me) which I am okay with.

But here we are! And it’s video time!

Let’s go…

Playing With Time

From odd YouTube channel “Macro Room” which has other mind-bending videos.

Clever, clever editing.

518 pieces of Jenga on 1 (Timelapse)

“Watch how Captain Noodles build a massive 518-piece Jenga Tower!”

No joke this gives me anxiety!

Wwwwow insane.

Elmore Flies Again – First EVER #FPV Drone Wedding | Watch a Wedding in a Stately Home from 360°

“Fun and fabulous stately home & sustainable #weddingvenue in Gloucestershire Elmore Court lifts off as a new dawn beckons for post covid events…”

Odd music choices here but wwwwwow the footage. How many test flights before they shot this? Must have been quite a few.

It was shot by the staff of the estate (it’s featured on the estate’s website.)


“A refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day.”

If that lemonade is made from felt animated lemons.

From YouTube animator Andrea Love.

Well done.

Making the rounds somewhat.

Also I love actual Lemonade!

Ta daaaaa! Friday videos! Allll wrapped up.

Have a Happy Friday and a most excellent weekend.

See you next week.