May 7th, 2021

Well hello there Friday people!

My week was a little slammed so I unfortunately only have three videos this week. Sorry.

Here we go!

Why a movie like Who Framed Roger Rabbit will NEVER be made again

I mean you can imagine the answer. The budget would be ridiculous.

A pretty great breakdown.

Also I forgot that Robert Zemeckis directed this film. It turns 34 years old this year. Still a great film.

Fly with us on a drone taxi!

The latest “E-Hang” flying taxi flying autonomously in Fuzhou, China a couple of weeks ago.

I’m not gonna lie: I kind of can’t wait to be able to do this. It looks fantastic.

My Metal bunny

A very brief, jaunty animation from YouTuber Aghilation. D’aw?

And there we go! Friday Videos (briefly.)

Happy Friday! Happy May! Happy Weekend!

See you in seven days.