April 23rd, 2021

Happy Friday everybody!

And where I live, it is finally warming up again. We had snow this week! Yikes.

Video time!

Cats and Ping Pong Trick Shots

Self explanatory.


Binging with Babish: Biscuits from Ted Lasso

Since the tiny teaser for this recipe appeared in the Season 2 trailer for Ted Lasso, Twitter demanded to know what the recipe was. So here’s Binging with Babish to fill us in.

Can confirm: it’s an incredibly good recipe.

2″ Ampex “Quad” commercial dubbing for KIMA TV January 1991

Submitted without context. I started searching for very old TV workflow videos about two years ago and only now (!) did Youtube bother to suggest new ones.

This video is a tiny snapshot of what jobs for teenagers in the vintage TV industry looked like.

Everything is digital files and automation now.

Mealworms eating tomato, broccoli romanesco and corn – 10.000 worms! #3

It’s a timelapse, so maybe not quite as gross as at regular speed. 48 hours and literally everything is gone. So crazy.

And there it went: Friday Videos!!

Happoy Friday, have an amazing weekend, and please stay safe. We’re getting there. Slowly but surely.

See you next week.