January 29th, 2021

Holy cow, you guys: It’s Friday!

We made it! And it’s the last one of January 2021! Congratulations!

Video time! You’re welcome!

OMEGA MART — “Grand Opening”

This is a fake ad for what appears to be a fairly large-scale art installation created by a group called “Meow Wolf“.

They deepfaked Willie Nelson but intentionally didn’t do it super well. It’s a weird video. I like it!

There is also a pretty bizarre website for this project.

“Shopping increases brain smile”. (What?!)

Pee -wee Park – The Full Horror Trailer

“I’ve always wanted to make a complete trailer based on my full Jeep Chase Scene. The hard part was figuring out at least a small narrative – enough for it to hold its own as a movie trailer and not just be a series of VFX shots. I feel like it’s close enough! I’ve got more weird stuff to make…”

It is mind blowing how well this was edited!

Sent in by several subscribers. Wwwwwow.

Takashi Kokubo – Get at the Wave (1987) [Full Album]

This albumn was (no joke) commissioned by electronics company Sanyo to be included in the box of an air conditioner in 1987.

A soundtrack album for an air conditioner?! I love Japan.

This is a beautiful ambient work. It doesn’t sound particularly dated. But really I love the story.

Much more information on Mr. Kokubo here.

Green screening myself into shows to make them more realistic. Station 19 Edition

Funny but also factual.

From YouTuber “Fire Department Chronicles“.

There is an additional video. He’s great.

There we go. All set.

I hope your Friday is wonderful, and your weekend is even better.

Stay safe out there everybody!