January 15th, 2021

Well hello Friday people!

We got back to Friday. Everybody okay?

This has already been one hell of a month. My god!

But we’re here, and I have some videos for all of us.

Let’s roll!

Storror Best Of Parkour POV Worldwide

“Storror”, as a parkour team, have several other videos all shot in POV that are seriously mind-blowing.

In over eight years (8 years!) of recording and editing these videos they haven’t had a major injury. Think about that as you watch these guys scramble across the buildings and rock formations they cover.

So amazing.

Bonobo : Cirrus

Created, as you might expect, by Cyriak.

Composed of numerous 1940s educational films.

Really well done.

Xyla Foxlin: I Made a Clear RGB Party Kayak!

Xyla Foxlin is an engineer and maker, and very energetic.

Also: not her first boat build

She’s great. Her channel is worth a look as well.

Mapping the videos of the Capitol building attack

Mapping the videos of the Capitol building attack

The crowdsourcing of large data that went on after this attack is nothing short of astonshing.

Bonus Video!

Every Single Scandinavian Crime Drama

Super brief, super correct. But obviously missing some of the great character chemistry in shows like The Bridge.

And that’s what I got. Okay? Videos, okay? Friday. Videos. Friday Videos alright?

Thanks for watching along with me.

Happy Friday! Stay safe!