January 1st, 2021

Welcome to 2021!

And congratulations for making it here. What a terrible year 2020 was.

We’re obviously not out of the woods just yet but it’s good to be on this side of that year. I hope you are all well on this New Year’s Day.

It’s video time!

How to make a wooden camera, and how to use it. (re-cut)

“This is a quick version of my camera building video. I have also added how I take photographs with these wooden cameras.”

This is made by carpenter and vintage camera expert Dieter Schneider. It’s basically an 1800’s era glass plate camera. There is a much longer build video as well.

What an incredible piece of work this is.

Physics Teacher Explains Tensegrity Sculptures with LEGO

That teacher being Lewis Matheson.

Here is what a tensegrity table is.

Five Minutes of Pink Oyster Mushroom Playing Modular Synthesizer

“Electrical resistance is measure by passing a small current through the mushrooms similar to a lie detector test. The changes in resistance are then converted into control signals which determine the rhythm, pitch, timbre and effects parameters of the modular synthesizer. “


A weird little mashup of Star Wars and North by Northwest.

There is a part II.

Funny. Weird.

And so there we go! Friday Videos! The first one of 2021! Yay!

Stay safe everybody. Welcome to the new year. See you next Friday!