December 18th, 2020

Happy Friday!

And welcome to the last Friday before Xmas 2020. It’s the second-last Friday of 2020. 2020 can get the hell out, thank you very much.

I hope you are all well and warm and safe and – I know it’s a long-shot – happy.

It’s video time! Let’s get it.

Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

The third generation of this immensely popular criminal decoy.

But also: now YouTuber / Engineer Mark Rober has started his own learn-at-home engineering class. He also has online merch store.

“Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter Bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I’ll see you in class!”

An Honest 2020 Christmas (help)

From talented YouTuber and singer Malinda. who frequently collaborates with the Gregory Brothers.

It’s a lot of autotune but it’s well done.

The Year on TikTok: Top 100

The Year on TikTok: Top 100

Yes,. ya got yer Bella Poarch. Ya got yer Charli D’amelio. But also a lot of social change and social justice videos and accounts.

To think this year started as just another “entertainment” year for TikTok but then quickly morphed into a news gathering and protest year. And it’s obviously not over yet.

Lonely Rolling Star – Big Band Jazz Version (The 8-Bit Big Band)

Lonely Rolling Star from Katamari Damacy arranged for Big Band with Synths and Vocals featuring the amazing singer Kaho Kidoguchi from Japan 🙂 !

This game has become a Christmas perennial for me since 2004. I play it every year. The music is a little crazy but very accomplished. This big-band version is fantastic.

Bonus Video!

The Man Who Invented More Than 800 Iconic Toys | Eddy’s World | The New Yorker

“Eddy Goldfarb, who is ninety-eight, created such classics as the bubble gun, chattering teeth, and Kerplunk! Here’s how he did it.”

This is a fairly in-depth documentary. What a bizarre array of fun little “things” he came up with in his career.

Sent in by several subscribers. Heartwarming.

Well here we are, at the end. One more Friday to go everybody. Let’s power through.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

See you next Friday.