June 12th, 2020


We did it! We made it! It’s heeeeere!

And it’s video time. Ready? Okay!

We’ll Meet Again

“This piece was devised, rehearsed, choreographed and filmed entirely by the residents of one small street.”

In the town of Chester, in the UK.

Ink Mapping: Video Mapping Projection on Tattoos, by Oskar & Gaspar

“No post production was used.”

This was a live event from Lisbon, Portugal in 2015.

I note that the models do need to remain motionless.

For comparison there’s this example from 2017 which allows for some motion, and is specific to faces.

Unboxing The World’s Cheapest New Car Reveals It’s So Much Better Than You Think

This is Jason Torchinsky from Jalopnik unboxing and showing the features of this real car you can buy and have shipped to you from Alibaba. It’s the $1,200 Changli Nemeca. It’s an electric car.

Sent along by Matt R.

Perfect One-Pot, Six-Pan, 10-Wok, 25-Baking Sheet Dinner

“Best part about this simple recipe: The potatoes, pasta, broccoli, dried chiles, beef, parsnips, beets, and all 12 sauces can cook at the same time. “

Relaaaax it’s from The Onion.

And that’s that.

I hope you’re all well. Already June. Can’t believe it.

See you in seven days. Stay safe!!