May 29th, 2020

Well well well, if it isn’t Friday.

You got some nerve, buddy… [tense movie music]


Welcome to the Friday Videos!

Let’s go.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175

“The Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175 crowned Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary in 2014.With 20 complications, a movement composed of 1366 parts, six patented innovations, and a double-face case…”

This video chronicles, briefly, the disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of this $2.6 million USD timepiece.

This process is so intricate. It blows my mind that these were always built to go through this several times in the piece’s lifetime. Just a miracle.

Your Dad Teaches Loading the Dishwasher | Parody Trailer | MasterClass

“MasterClass’ newest offering. Written & directed by Kathleen Cameron”

Don’t get me wrong: Masterclass is pretty great. But this is also pretty great. He reminds me a little bit of James Lipton.

Lego Tapas Factory

“It is party time with Lego! Today Lego machine will serve you tapas.

“Just seat and relax, tapas will be prepared for you and delivered with The Brick Wall Beer. Enjoy it! “

Seat and relax indeed!

Just a fun little short. Nicely done.

Food History: Chocolate

“Chocolate’s history starts with human sacrifice, and ends with Hershey-themed roller coasters. So, needless to say, it’s an interesting one.”

From Mental Floss. I found this super interesting!

Soooo there we are. Videos. All done.

Happy Friday! And have a great weekend.

See you in a week.


May 22nd, 2020

Wellllllcome!! [thunder / lightning]

I’m a little late posting. Got very busy this week. My apologies.

And it’s video time!!



Drive around the world from Mobile

Public Media Art #1 “WAVE” Full ver.

“Our first case of IP licensing, ‘WAVE’ with anamorphic illusion has been successfully revealed on a magnificent DOOH of COEX K-POP SQUARE, the largest & high-definition outdoor advertising screen in S.Korea at 80.1m (w) x 20.1M (h).”

This is astonishing. So beautiful. If I passed by it I would cancel whatever I was on the way to do.

So good.

Suggested by Juan B.

Grandma Plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare “Clean House”

This is 90-year-old Hamako Mori, and according to Guinness she’s the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber.

She has gained a huge, huge following and she’s badass.

The Seed of Juna

“Juna is born after being killed by a ruling sect on Earth. As she comes to accept her new disposition in an unknown and frightening place, she will try to find her executioner.”

Really well done. This is the pilot episode.

And that’s what we’ve got today!

I hope your Friday is good, and warm, and clear, and calm.

Stay safe. We’ll be back next week.

See you then.


May 15th, 2020

Happy Friday!

It’s heeeere!

And where I live it’s something called a “long weekend”. I need to research that a bit more.

Prince and the Revolution: Live, March 30th, 1985

This is a promotional charity video release. Recorded at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York. You can buy custom Prince face masks, and the Prince estate will donate “to communities in need.”

This is Prince at the absolute peak of his abilities. Just an incredible live performance.

1000 Mentos | Cool DIY Cardboard Toys

To be far clearer: This video shows the construction and operation of a cardboard machine gun that shoots Mentos.

It’s bonkers.

OK Go – All Together Now

“With Los Angeles sheltering in place to battle the spread of COVID-19, OK Go wrote and recorded a song together alone in their homes.”

Yeah they did.

I love this group. Despite the purely novelty video library they have created, their songwriting is frikkin’ fantastic.

This is wonderful.

Suggested by Tina R.E.

David Lynch Weather Report

He posts one every day now.

He used to do this years ago but then stopped. Now – I guess due to covid-19 – he’s doing them again.

Notably missing a haunting / disturbing droning tone in the background.

And there we go! Allllll Friday Video’d up.

Keep staying safe everybody. Have a great (“long”?) weekend.


May 8th, 2020


At last. I mean if days of the week mean anything to you. I hope they do. This is weird.

And lookit! Some videos! Let’s goooooo…


[self explanatory]

Hooooly cow this made me laugh.

Suggested by Lana G.


Quentin Tarantino’s go-to stuntwoman crowd-shot and edited a magnificent fight sequence during covid-19 lockdown.

A cast of dozens particpated.


Making the rounds and I am late to the party.

We Tried To Make A 350-Year-Old Ice Cream Recipe

Bottom line: suuuuper strong flavouring, but it works.

Year 536 Was the Worst Year to Be Alive – What Happened?

Months long fog, famine, a plague — 536 was rough!

Suggested by Tara P.

You have now been Friday Video’d! Use this power wisely.

I mean they didn’t have murder hornets, so…

See you next week. Stay safe!


May 1st, 2020

Welcome… to Friiiiday!

I know it just feels like “Day”, but it is “Friday”. 🙂 I still like it. Hopefully you do too.

And besides: videos!

Let’s go!

I Followed a Bob Ross Tutorial using 3D Graphics (again!)

“I followed another Bob Ross painting tutorial using CGI with Blender 3D!”

(First attempt can be found here.)

The Secret History of the Moon

“This video takes you back 4.5 billion years to witness the dramatic ways which the moon could have formed, according to the latest mind-blowing theories. By reading the clues written in Moon rocks, we are closer than ever to knowing its full story. But the Moon still holds its secrets close. What else is it hiding?”

“Featuring the voice of Dr. Sarah T. Stewart”

Just beautiful. Engrossing.

AMI F120 Jukebox controlled by Raspberry Pi

An impressive little hack from maker and youtuber “revnhoj”, who created a web interface for the selection of individual songs from a physical record-playing jukebox originally created in 1954.

The Goonies Are Back!! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

“Josh Gad goes on a modern day treasure hunt to reunite the cast of the iconic 1985 movie The Goonies! Join them, and some very special guests, as they go down memory lane and bring their characters back to life, all in the name of charity, on Episode One of ‘Reunited Apart.'”

This is just… awesome.

These have been your Friday Videos.

Thanks for following along at home folks.

See you next week!