April 24th, 2020

Happy Friday!

Yes, it is Friday. 🙂 I keep discovering many people just can’t keep track. Which is… I guess how things are going now.

And it’s the last Friday in April. (Yes… it’s still April.)

OK let’s go!

John Mulaney Has Become the Muse of TikTok’s Makeup Artists

John Mulaney Has Become the Muse of TikTok’s Makeup Artists

(weirdly: self explanatory)

TikTok makeup artists for some reason have taken up the habit of lipsyncing to comedy segments by John Mulaney.

That’s it. That’s what this is.

It’s so specific and weird, but I love it.

Messages From Quarantine

“In the age of coronavirus, the only way you can see Milan is to fly through it. By Niccolò Natali and Nikola Lorenzin.”

Beautifully shot, using a drone.

Blade Runner: The Lost Cut

This is making the rounds and I support it. A super mash-up of Blade Runner, The Blues Brothers, The French Connection, The Jerk and several, several other films.

It’s crazy. But it mostly also works. So weird.

Cessna 172 Home Flight Simulator | Xplane 11

“My home built flight simulator cockpit running Xplane 11. Total cost of this project was around $6000-$7000.”

This is NUTS!

And I mean that in only positive ways.

And there we go. Friday Videooooooos!


Have a lovely last weekend of April everybody.

See you next week!