February 28th, 2020

Welcome to the final February Friday, folks.

And now: the videos…

Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland in Back to the future – This is heavy! [ deepfake ]

This is extremely impressive.

It looks like they were actually in the movie. So crazy.

Definitely making the rounds, but outstanding, so here it is.

He is shooting a 30 Year Timelapse of New York

“He” being Joe DiGiovanna, using a custom-created setup that’s pretty ingenious.

I think it’s a little obsessive but still super interesting.

[4k, 60 fps] A Trip Through New York City in 1911

“Restored with neural networks 1911 New York footage taken by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern on a trip to America.”

It’s not completely perfect – especially the colourization – but it is impressive. I love the long shots where you can make out individual cars and horse carriages in the distance.

Created by Denis Shiryaev.

A few weeks ago he released this neural network restoration of one of the earliest pieces of motion picture ever created. He’s done others as well.

This is incredible work.

What an interesting time for film restoration.

Food History: Ramen

“The history of ramen features cameos from The Yakuza crime syndicate, the U.S. Army, and a businessman who turned a simple idea into a worldwide convenience food. Ramen is so much more than a cheap and filling meal.”

From Mental Floss, who I usually don’t like this much.

Suggested by Kate S. (who loooOoOoOoOoves ramen.)

And that’s that! All Friday Video’d up!!

See you next week / month. Happy Friday!


February 21st, 2020

Fridays, amirite?

We’re heeeere! Yay.

Looks like it’s video o’clock! Here we go.

Mongolian sinew backed bow

A silent, thoughtful short film on how to make a traditional Mongolean composite bow by hand.

Hard work. Very old technique. Amazing.

Holy SH*T!!! I made my own cheese at home


A very indepth documentary by Pro Home Cooks.

I won’t be tackling this anytime soon but he makes the process look super interesting. Tons of other cooking and baking projects on that channel. Worth a look.

Hacking my arm prosthesis to output CV so that it plugs into my synth: Thought-controlled music!

“Together with Chrisi from KOMA Elektronik and my husband Daniel, I am in the process of building a device (the “SynLimb”) that attaches to my arm prosthesis instead of the prosthetic hand. The SynLimb converts the electrode signals that my prosthesis picks up from my residual limb into control voltages (CV) for controlling my modular synthesizer.”

What a crazy era this is! Amazing project.

Scientology Magazine Reviewed

“My friend Matthew gave me this Scientology member magazine. Here’s my review.”

It’s basically a giant ad for how “great” Scientology is. Yikes.

Carrie Poppy hosts a podcast called “Oh No Ross And Carrie” which investigates cults and belief systems. They did an eight episode investigation (Part 1 here) into Scientology in which they actually joined it and then reported on all of their training, and fees, and more fees.

It is interesting and they are both super entertaining.

Have an excellent weekend.


February 14th, 2020

Welcome back to Friday!

This week’s collection is short but sweet.

Here goes.

acorn underground to oak seedling time lapse filmed over 8 months

“I filmed this acorn to oak seedling in my studio over an 8 month period.

“I used Nikon cameras with studio flash”

Mr. Bromhall has many, many more videos like this.


“Tokyo/Glow follows the nighttime journey of an illuminated man from a crosswalk sign as he embarks on an adventure through the streets of Tokyo. Shot on location throughout Tokyo using thousands of individual digital stills, the short film features original music by indie rock band Kidstreet…”

While You Were Sleeping

“A short film exploring the longevity and limitations of artificial intelligence, and the loneliness of deep space.”

Written & animated by Charlie Stewart

How Single Cats Are Spending Valentine’s Day

“These unattached cats don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. Let’s see how they choose to spend the day instead.”

I hope your (long?) weekend is fantastic.

Happy Friday! Happy Mid-February!


February 7th, 2020

Happy Friday!

We made it! Phew.

I dunno about you, but I definitely need a weekend this week.

Let’s begin…

The New Bar where AI Robot makes alcohol @Ikebukuro Japan YOROH no Taki

Order and get a printed QR code.

Put the code in the “bartender’s” scanner.

Watch as it rapidly mixes or pours your drink.

It includes a tablet that produces facial expressions and engages in small talk while mixing the drink.

Created by QBIT Robotics.

Reuters reported on this here.

Music Synchronized Roller Coaster (Front Seat POV)

“I’ve synchronized Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture to the full length of a Roller Coaster. The coaster twists and turns with the music, as well as triggering special effects that match the beat.”

A CG creation from DoodleChaos who has been featured here before — and has also used Tchaikovsky’s music in his previous videos.

Tessa Violet – I Like (the idea of) You

“The music video for Tessa Violet’s single I Like (the idea) Of You. a dancing homage to Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”, released in February 1966. We stan.”

This is delightful, and very technically choreographed.

Sent in by Alexis S.

Creep by Radiohead but Using Google Autocomplete Results for Lyrics

“When are we going to Mars / Could you not meme / You’re just like your father / Your skin isn’t paper…”

Ssssort of funny.

It reminds me – conceptually – of the iOs Autocomplete Song (from 2014.) (Also previously featured here.)

Still fun!

Well have a happy Friday and an excellent weekend everybody.

See you on Friday!