January 10th, 2020

Welcome, at last, to Friday.

I hope everybody is doing okay after what has been a troubling, very difficult week.

Here are some videos to take your mind off of [gestures everywhere] everything…

The Mandalorian – Spaghetti Western Trailer

This is brilliantly executed! Very well done.

VFX Artist Reveals the True Scale of Atoms

“Wren uses VFX magic to show you how small the Universe gets… spoilers: really really small.”

I was hesitant to include this video due to how aggressively they push you to watch every other video they’ve ever made, but it’s a pretty good video. (Also: Making the rounds)

CYKLE | A Collection Of Short Stories

“This series has been made around the idea that nature is able to generate new organic forms and patterns which are not regulated by our physical world.”

Some beautiful, abstract-ish computer effects.

Created by Fabian Aerts.

If Portal 2 was a Rhythm Game (Synchronized Music Map)

“After months of work I’m finally done. The native Portal 2 map editor didn’t allow enough precision for me to synchronize to the music, so I learned how to use Valve’s Hammer editor for this project.”

I still love this game. What a great little (little?!) hack.

Bonus Video!

14 – 1800 Rpm. Spin GoPro Camera in Lathe.

An interesting intersection of speedy rotation versus maximum frame-rate.

I love that these things are so durable. Crazy.

Have a great Friday, and an excellent weekend.