December 6th, 2019

It’s Friday!

It’s December!

We’re all here! We made it!

A quick note that I didn’t really create a new Christmas guide this year. I simply ran out of time. But I linked to the previous gift and giving guide over on the Friday Links, and added a couple of new items, and I think it could still be worth a look. Merry Christmas!

And now: Videos!

Tuba Skinny – Jubilee Stomp – Royal Street

“Recorded in New Orleans 04/07/2018”

New Orleans street music kills!

The Trick That Made Animation Realistic

In a word: rotoscoping, a technique still used today.

Hey speaking of animation…

Andrea Animates

Andrea Animates

“Andrea Love is an independent animator and director based in Port Townsend, WA.”

Her Instagram is also worth a look. (My favorite here.)


This MIT Engineer Built His Own Bionic Leg

“At MIT’s Media Lab, researchers are developing prosthetic limbs that users can control with their minds, making a robotic foot move as seamlessly as a biological one.”

And that’s that! Friday Videos allll set.

Get out there and have a fantastic weekend everybody!