June 14th, 2019

Well well well, Friday.

As I live and breathe…

It’s video time! Let’s go…


“All visuals were created on paper with many different paints, fluids and pigments.”

Created by visual artist Roman De Giuli. His website is also worth a look.

Ugly History: Witch Hunts – Brian A. Pavlac

“Uncover the history of the witch hunts that swept through Europe and the American colonies from the 15th century until the 18th century.”

Boy oh boy people have been awful to each other for like…. ever.

The Game of Thrones Finale Rewritten with A.I.

“George R.R. Martin better start looking for a new gig, because Bran can do beautiful flip kicks now.”

From the minds of College Humor.

I liked it! So weird.

Deborah Harry Does Not Like Interviews

“Blondie’s Debbie Harry endures years of superficial, tedious, and demeaning questions from journalists until she devises a brilliant way to turn interviews on their head.”

This is semi-making-the-rounds and definitely worth it.

Bonus Video!

The Evolution of Computer Speech

“More and more products seem to come out that make use of some form of a computer text-to-speech voice, with today’s voices sounding acceptably realistic. Even though speech-based products are fairly recent, the concept of electronically generating a voice has been around for nearly a century.”

I found this really fascinating.

And so there we are. Videos are done. Weekend can begin. Ahhhh

Have a great Friday everybody.