April 5th, 2019

Welcome back Friday!

Finally here. Okay. Deep breaths…

Let’s go!!

Abandoned Skateboarding

“This is one of my favourite indoor places I’ve ever filmed. A big old wool factory in the middle of nowhere. Just wanted to keep this edit very simple and real. Just pure skateboarding, sound and a very nice looking location.”

Shot by Kristoffer Davidsson. Beautifully done.

Organ with reed pipes from paper

“This model is completely made of paper and cardboard, except of transparent plastic to view internals of pressure regulator.”

Note: honking noises!! Super interesting build though.

LET IT GO (Disney’s Frozen) on wine glasses, pots and pans

[self explanatory]


A gadget maker’s worst nightmare…

“Creating a physical product is difficult, even without the added risk of someone stealing your idea.”

Exploring the complexities of people ripping off your original product idea once you finally produce it.

Sent along by Alison L.

Stan reinvents parking at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport

“For the first time in the world, Stanley Robotics’ outdoor automated robotic valet system, developed in partnership with Aéroports de Lyon, was presented in operation on Thursday, March 14.”

A pretty great idea. Since I live in Canada my first thought is: that little robot will not make it through snow very well. But still!

Have a great weekend everybody!