December 14th, 2018

Happy Friday!

Hooray! And welcome to the middle of December.

Here are your videos…

Duncan Cowles Adobe Stock Christmas Ad: Good Festive Memories

A fake Christmas ad made completely from stock footage.

Dryly funny. Well done!

Betamax Xmas

Betamax Xmas

Travel back in time to a basement color TV with a “clicker” remote and vintage xmas tv with ads.

Fun fact, I have created a raspberry pi device for my local bar that I fill with vintage tv shows and ad breaks that plays on a genuine 1970s 13” B&W TV. People are into it! This is the easier online version of that.

Walking Fifth Avenue, NYC during the Holidays 2018 from 42nd Street to Central Park

[self explanatory]

YouTuber actionkid105 has posted several well paced, stabilized walks around New York for several weeks now. I find them kind of fascinating. They can be a good resource for seeing how the city looks season to season.

It’s a weird channel but I like it, and I’m definitely not alone.

My 70’s Vlog

“Using my Dad’s 8mm film camera, I set out to explore whether it would have been possible to vlog in the 1970’s.”

It’s kind of ridiculous, but overall a pretty successful experiment.

Making the rounds. I like it.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!