November 23rd, 2018

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my American subscribers.

It’s Friday! And it’s Video time!

Let’s go…

Having Thanksgiving Dinner with North Koreans

“In this video North Korean defectors try a special Thanksgiving meal prepped by chef Ryan Phillips of Ryan Smokehouse in Seoul.”

If you want an example of gratitude, this is a good one.

The Chemical Brothers – Free Yourself

Directed by DOM&NIC.

20 years later they’re still making visually compelling music videos.


“Everyone knows the black and white photo of the Amsterdam canal with red bicycle from the IKEA ‘Vilshult’ series. The documentary ‘Vilshult’ tells the exceptional story behind IKEA’s famous Amsterdam poster.”

Make sure to use the closed captioning. It’s well translated.

Eric Chien 2018 Fism Grand Prix Act -Ribbon-

FISM stands for “Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques” (The International Society of Magic.)

This performance is really, really mind-blowing.

I feel certain the table is the real trick here.

It’s making the rounds and it’s worth every second.

Egg Breaking Machine with Egg Loader Machine – SANOVO OptiBreaker with OptiLoader


What a beast of a machine. It’s sort of hypnotic to watch.

Have a great (long) weekend everybody. Stay warm and be nice to each other.