August 31st, 2018

Hey now!

That looks like a Friday to me!

And now it’s time for some videos.

Jane Zhang – Dust My Shoulders Off (Official Video)

A really well-produced video that places the singer inside numerous works of fine art.

So good!

Nick Kroll Enters The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest

Awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nick Kroll is funny!

The Producers

“This film was shot in Burgundy, France in collaboration with The Cook’s Atelier in celebration of the artisan food producers and the international movement in support of local farmers and sustainable food.”

I’ll say it was. Beautifully produced. (Get it?)

Rufus Tower

“A present for my cat ‘Rufus’. He began to resent me due to painful ear drops to fix an infection. I would return from work and he would run from me! Now the ears are better I wanted to do something to show my gratitude for his putting up with my torture.”

So he built a multi-story connected box tunnel wall.

Bonus Video!

Arms Sales: USA vs Russia

“The underlying data comes from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s Arms Transfers Database. Units are expressed in trend indicator values (TIV). Each dot on the map = one TIV.”

Note that “TIV” values are “expressed in millions” usually. (source)

What a depressing, relentless short video.

Thanks for playing along at home, everybody.

Have a great Friday and a lovely (long?) weekend.