June 22nd, 2018

Well well well… Friday’s back again.

Hooray! (Right?)

Video time!!

The Dirty Car Artist – Scott Wade

“Scott Wade has been called the “da Vinci of Dust,” the “Michelangelo of Mud,” but he prefers the “Dirty Car Artist.” After years of experimentation, he’s perfected the techniques he now uses to transform filthy cars into mobile art galleries.”

There is, of course, a website.

His work really is pretty good.

Hacker Breaks Down ‘Ocean’s 8’ Hacking Scenes

A pretty straightforward walk-through of the terminology and the techniques implied in the new Oceans film.

Rihanna as hacker = win.

Presented by Samy Kamkar who to date has not released or recorded a multi-week #1 single of the summer… ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to make a Renaissance sugar sculpture

“Want to add some punch to your dinner parties? Or make a political statement at Sunday lunch? In this final recipe video of the Pleasant Vices series Tasha demonstrates how to make a sugar sculpture to adorn your table.”

Pretty great.

Very old cookbooks included these instructions. Plus other extravagant decorative touches like meringue swans.

People had way more time when there was no TV.

CYBORG Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure

I would go on this. What a crazy contraption!

Also: I would probably yack. But still! $15 well spent, yes?

That’s what I got. All video’d up.

Have a great weekend everybody. Summer’s here! Let’s get out there!!

See you next week.