May 18th, 2018

Heyyyy youuuuu guyyyyyyys!

Welcome to Friday.

Video time go go go let’s go…


Bill McKlintock mashes up two massive rock hits into one… hit?

I liked it.

Sent in by Jennifer R.

History of The Universe in 13,799 Dominoes

“If you set up a row of dominoes as a timeline of history from the Big Bang to now, and had each domino represent 1 million years it would stretch over 300 meters long. I know because thats what I did for this video. The universe is very old.”

Fantastic! And pretty complicated. I wonder how many takes this took.

GoPro Hero4 in a Cannon Ball

“The Cannon Project – 7th Grade Science Fair Project. What does a girl do? Lets mount a GoPro to a Bowling Ball and send it flying. ”

Cheap video technology leads to some interesting experimentation. I love the number of high schools that have launched gopros into orbit (for example.) This is a new one though. Just great.

Note: spinning camera. Don’t hurl.

From Egg to Frog in 7 Weeks!

“The development of Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) eggs to froglets in 49 days, just 7 weeks!”

Some extremely patient camera work and editing here.

And there we go! Friday plus videos equals love, right?

Have a great Friday, and enjoy your weekend!