November 24th, 2017

It’s the Friday after US Thanksgiving. Is everybody still okay?

Yeah? Good?



Eclectic Method: Hot Ones Hot Sauce Hot Mix

Basically a mix/mashup of several of the [celebrity] vs. hot wings videos that have become popular in the past year.

I love this!

Contouring 101

This is a crazy, hilarious video and it’s definitely making the rounds.

Balloon Costumes

These take hours to set up. They look fantastic.

Oh My!

A pretty great audio creation based entirely on samples / loops from the Wizard of Oz

Look out, Pogo, there’s a new kid in town.

Bonus Video!

Star Wars – Cantina Band – Orgue de barbarie

Posted by YouTuber Brice Dudouet, who custom created the score paper roll for this performance.

This is an early 20th century barrel organ.

See also: Smooth Criminal.

And now: time for more pie!

See you all in seven days.