November 10th, 2017

Friday again!

Just like that!

There are only 44 shopping days until Xmas. If you do that kind of thing.

No pressure!

To the videos…

Spoon: Do I Have To Talk To You?

Directed by Brook Linder, who’s directed quite a few cool music videos.

Some odd photoshopping in this one, and a great, great song (from a band I love.)

When Did Time Travel Come From?

A great little mini-documentary from Nerdwriter.

The Roots feat. Bilal: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

So much heart in this performance. And it’s a serious message piece as well.

I love it.

Used Car Commercial // 1996 Honda Accord

A really well made commercial for a quite old used Honda Civic.

Making the rounds, so much so that it caused a bidding war for the car. Crazy!

This guy knows how to make a car ad. So good.

Bonus Video!

Uptown Funky Kittens

Straight up infant feline manipulation.

But still entertaining.

And there you go. Friday Videos!

Have a great weekend everybody, and remember the fallen.