November 3rd, 2017

Friday at last!

And now it’s a whole new month and everything. You guyssss!!

So videos. Yes. Got it. Go!

Oh My Gourd – A Halloween Stop Motion Pumpkin Carving Experiment

“Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of pumpkins were cut, gutted, rotated, scraped, poked, slapped, and banged to make this stop-motion animation and the music that bring it to life. It took a few years – pumpkins rot, schedules get busy – but we loved discovering the methods”

The sheer effort to complete this is so crazy.

Why Salt And Pepper?

[self explanatory]

1945 Car Dashcam / Rumble Seat Cam

“An early ‘dashcam’ style archive footage film showing a trip through downtown Manhattan, New York City along 8th Avenue, 5th Avenue, and 50th Street.”

(Also, you know, just known as a “camera”.)

Pretty great though!

Perpetual motion machines, compilation of Ideas

“40 models in 4 years”

They’re all kind of weird, but they seem to work. Interesting…

Bonus Video!

this is why we fly….

“…sometimes what a pilot sees in a day, people won’t see in their lifetimes.. amazing Queenstown, New Zealand.”

It really is beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

And there we go. Videos. For your Friday.

See you all in seven days.