August 25th, 2017

Well here it is Friday already?

Let me make some lemonade now you just sit right here…


2017 Solar Eclipse

“Experiencing totality for the 2017 solar eclipse from the shores of Palisades Reservoir, Idaho, Monday Aug. 21, 2017.”

Of all the hundreds (thousands?) of videos of this week’s solar eclipse, this is the one I found to be most dramatic. It’s quite short (and a timelapse) but so beautiful, and dramatic, and still. (Well: except for the noisy kids. 🙂 )

An impressive Japanese Rube Goldberg machine

It runs for four minutes!

This is the most complicated, elegant solution I have ever seen. I wish I had this kind of time…

Sent in by Alison L.

Repairing Willie Nelson’s Trigger

“Willie Nelson’s guitar, “Trigger,” is in for repairs at Erlewine Guitars in Austin, Texas. Mark Erlewine shares a closeup look at the famous hole in the top. Mark’s been Trigger’s caretaker for ages, and he gives us the inside scoop on Trigger’s history.”

That is one well-traveled guitar! (Related: wiki link. Worth a deep dive.)

33,600 piece jigsaw puzzle time lapse

[self explanatory]

Elapsed time: 9 months.

I wish I had that kind of time!

Bonus Video!

Y40 jump: Guillaume Néry explores the deepest pool in the world

“On a single breath of air, Guillaume Néry explores the deepest pool in the world in Italy: Y40. The action is filmed on breath hold by his wife Julie Gautier.”

So: try to watch this video and *not* hold your breath. 🙂

All done! Thanks for watching along at home. (Or work, I guess.)

Happy Friday! See you next week.