August 25th, 2017

Well here it is Friday already?

Let me make some lemonade now you just sit right here…


2017 Solar Eclipse

“Experiencing totality for the 2017 solar eclipse from the shores of Palisades Reservoir, Idaho, Monday Aug. 21, 2017.”

Of all the hundreds (thousands?) of videos of this week’s solar eclipse, this is the one I found to be most dramatic. It’s quite short (and a timelapse) but so beautiful, and dramatic, and still. (Well: except for the noisy kids. 🙂 )

An impressive Japanese Rube Goldberg machine

It runs for four minutes!

This is the most complicated, elegant solution I have ever seen. I wish I had this kind of time…

Sent in by Alison L.

Repairing Willie Nelson’s Trigger

“Willie Nelson’s guitar, “Trigger,” is in for repairs at Erlewine Guitars in Austin, Texas. Mark Erlewine shares a closeup look at the famous hole in the top. Mark’s been Trigger’s caretaker for ages, and he gives us the inside scoop on Trigger’s history.”

That is one well-traveled guitar! (Related: wiki link. Worth a deep dive.)

33,600 piece jigsaw puzzle time lapse

[self explanatory]

Elapsed time: 9 months.

I wish I had that kind of time!

Bonus Video!

Y40 jump: Guillaume Néry explores the deepest pool in the world

“On a single breath of air, Guillaume Néry explores the deepest pool in the world in Italy: Y40. The action is filmed on breath hold by his wife Julie Gautier.”

So: try to watch this video and *not* hold your breath. 🙂

All done! Thanks for watching along at home. (Or work, I guess.)

Happy Friday! See you next week.


August 18th, 2017

We made it everybody!

Friday! Huzzaaaah!

And now: some videos.

Helium Beer Test | Short Version with English Subtitles

Yes. There is a beer that’s carbonated using Helium. (“heliumated?”)

And this video, hoooo boy, is funny!

How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer

“We provide you with the winning formula that turns any trailer into the blockbuster smash hit of the season it was meant to be.”

Presented by Auralnauts, who have been featured here before.

Making the rounds (ish.)

Synthesizing Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio

There have been a few stories and videos making the rounds lately about the technology used to fabricate video or audio of fake statements.

This is the most impressive one in my opinion. It can generate video based solely on audio source alone. I’d say it’s something like 90% accurate looking. In a few years this could be a really interesting tool, specifically in film post production.

Milky Shot

This was described to me by a few people as “a commercial” but it’s not. I guess it is…? It promotes “Strauss”, makers of the “Milky” line of dairy confections.

A weird, weird little film.

Bonus Video!

Cute Caique Parrot Bird Silly Walk

Cute Caique Parrot Bird Silly Walk

[self explanatory]

I wish there were a translator for what this bird is thinking in this video. Hilarious.

And there you go! Your Friday, alllll video’d up!

See you all in seven days.


August 11th, 2017

It is Friday once again!

Did this week go fast for you? No? Just me? Anybody? No?

To the videos!!

Ants in my Eyes Johnson w/drums

Another great drum interpretation of a non-musical work, which also seems to lend it musical qualities! Really cleverly executed. This guy has pretty amazing chops as well.

Also: I love Rick and Morty. (Which this clip is from.)

Before You See DUNKIRK: How To Play A Giant 70mm IMAX Film

“Learn how the 70mm IMAX film projection system works. Think all they do is put in a DVD and press play? Think again.”

Seriously! I was unaware of how long the threading process is for this ginormous projector system.

Anime Baseball

Provided with zero context. Created by Corridor Digital.

I like!

What if Michael Bay made Waffles?

“#FoodFilms reimagines recipe videos in the style of famous directors.”

Pretty great. 🙂

Bonus Video!

Frogs watching TV

[self explanatory]

Starting to make the rounds.

My cat doesn’t understand there are moving images on the screen. No idea why. Frogs > my cat.

And there you go! Happy Friday!

See you next week Friday peeps.


August 4th, 2017


Already. And it’s Friday of course!

Who’s ready for some videos? Yes you are!

The Real Life Wiseguy Behind Goodfellas

An interview with Henry Hill, the real wiseguy from the book that inspired the movie Goodfellas. Some great interviews with the actors and others about the casting process.

Major Lazer: Know No Better

Major Lazer: Know No Better

An interactive video for Major Lazer’s new single. You simply click the screen to see the dream version or reality version.

A fun video!

Ancestor of Castella, Kasdos

a.k.a.: Castella Sponge Cake.

More info here. They look great!

h/t: The Kid Should See This.

3D printing a home for under $10,000

“This is the first residential house 3D-printed onsite with a mobile printer. It only took 24 hours and costs $10,134.”

Much more info here.

Bonus Video!

Operator Toll Dialing Instructions – 1949 Educational Documentary

“Bell System instructional film for telephone operators, showing how to perform dialing operations.”

All of this is performed by computers and network systems today.

Enjoy the rest of your fabulous Friday everybody!