July 21st, 2017

Friiiiii [inhale] Dayyyyy!


And videos! Together at last!

Un albero un anno – One tree one year

“A “special” beech tree kept under observation for a whole year by a concealed eye, which never closes.

“Four seasons unfolding around a crossroad of smells, signals and messages left behind by the extraordinary wildlife of the Apennines.

“What you see here is just a small part of this incredible experience.”

Making the rounds, and beautiful.

Détour — A film by Michel Gondry

“Discover Détour, a film by Michel Gondry shot on iPhone. Follow the adventures of a small tricycle as it sets off along the French roads in search of its young owner.”

I still love Gondry’s visual style. Shot on an iPhone! (Though I suppose that isn’t such a big deal, the iPhone has a great camera in it.)

“Raiders of the lost Darth”. Movie Mashup.

A great mix of Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Close Encounters, etc. Nicely done. Hurry before the lawyers cease and desist this one.

Rovos Rail, the most luxurious train in the world (Official)

This route runs through several destinations in South Africa. It looks really decadent and wonderful. (And, yes, slow, but still!)

Bonus Video!

Keaton Music Typewriter Demo

This was a device from 1936 (this video shows one from 1953,) which would allow the user to print out sheet music, one note, rest, clef at a time.

More info here.

You made it! We made it! Friday!

Enjoy your weekend everybody.