July 28th, 2017

Welcome back, Friday!

And farewell to July 2017. (snif!)

Videos! We got ’em.

Bec Hill translates “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” (Edith Piaf)

“Need a beeeer… for my faaaaace…” Hilarious. Cleverly illustrated as well.

Bec Hill is an Australian YouTuber, and quite funny.

10 Songs You’ve Heard and Don’t Know the Name Of

[self explanatory]

Entertainingly presented by Brasilian YouTuber Vinheteiro. His other videos are also worth a peek. Very talented.

See an Apocalyptic World Envisioned in Miniature

“Nix + Gerber, the duo of Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber, are miniature diorama artists who have collaborated for 14 years. They specialize in creating post-mankind settings, where buildings are crumbling and ‘nature takes back some of the spaces.’ In this wonderful and fun artist profile short documentary by filmmaking duo The Drawing Room, we meet these two compelling artists with a keen eye for the details that makes their art come to life.”

The incredible attention to detail in this work is breathtaking. Beautifully done. And they seem like pretty cool people too!

You Know it’s a Christopher Nolan Film IF…

Sort of self explanatory. Created by ScreenPrism in the wake of Dunkirk 1st week promotion (it’s good! You should see it!)

A very in-depth overview of many, many aspects of what Christopher Nolan does when creating his stories, characters and shots. Really well made.

Bonus Video!

Full circle Rainbow

“A huge full circle rainbow was shot in the cabin of a crane in St Petersburg, Russia while construction crews work on the Lakhta Center skyscraper (462 m).”

This is a first for me. I’ve seen double rainbows. Never this. Pretty cool!

Have a great Friday, and an awesome final July weekend!


July 21st, 2017

Friiiiii [inhale] Dayyyyy!


And videos! Together at last!

Un albero un anno – One tree one year

“A “special” beech tree kept under observation for a whole year by a concealed eye, which never closes.

“Four seasons unfolding around a crossroad of smells, signals and messages left behind by the extraordinary wildlife of the Apennines.

“What you see here is just a small part of this incredible experience.”

Making the rounds, and beautiful.

Détour — A film by Michel Gondry

“Discover Détour, a film by Michel Gondry shot on iPhone. Follow the adventures of a small tricycle as it sets off along the French roads in search of its young owner.”

I still love Gondry’s visual style. Shot on an iPhone! (Though I suppose that isn’t such a big deal, the iPhone has a great camera in it.)

“Raiders of the lost Darth”. Movie Mashup.

A great mix of Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Close Encounters, etc. Nicely done. Hurry before the lawyers cease and desist this one.

Rovos Rail, the most luxurious train in the world (Official)

This route runs through several destinations in South Africa. It looks really decadent and wonderful. (And, yes, slow, but still!)

Bonus Video!

Keaton Music Typewriter Demo

This was a device from 1936 (this video shows one from 1953,) which would allow the user to print out sheet music, one note, rest, clef at a time.

More info here.

You made it! We made it! Friday!

Enjoy your weekend everybody.


July 14th, 2017

Who’s ready for some Friday Videos???

Yes you are! Yes you are!

Here we go

hi, i’m steve

An odd little animated short created by Bill Wurtz

UW researchers create realistic video from audio files alone

“In this example, the team created realistic videos of Obama speaking in the White House, using the audio file from a television talk show and during an interview decades ago.”

This is mind-blowing.

More info here. White paper on this research here.

MNSTWNSS (Two.H & Hiss) | Untitled

“Enjoy the Vice Grand Beatbox Battle Champ with his fresh new beats after his two year military break where he could bring his entire style to a whole new level.”

Beatbox battles. Now a thing. 🙂

Pretty great though!

Animal watching – Video installation on trees by Maizz Visual

“Video Installation presented at Marvin Festival 2017 which transformed the trees of Parque España, Mexico City, into huge 3D animal motion faces.”

Haunting and beautiful.

Bonus Video!

Lego Zoetrope Mechanical Animation Device

Brilliant! How has nobody thought to do this before?

And there you go!

Have a great, hot, enjoyable July weekend.


July 7th, 2017

Happy belated Canada Day and Independence Day!

And welcome to the Friday Videos!

Here we go…

The Master Microfixer Teaching the World to Fix iPhones

“Using her background in molecular genetics, Jessa has pioneered a new form of board-level iPhone repair.

“She’s teaching the world to fix devices that no one, not even Apple, thought it was possible to fix.”

I find this fascinating. Now that iPhones and smartphones are the de-facto most common computing device in the world today, it makes sense that this is the new frontier in DIY electronics investigation. I have done this a couple times and I find the small scale daunting. But this is great stuff.

Dust & Grooves visits Third Man Records

“The shop that this year alone has brought us the world’s only operational recording booth, a direct-to-acetate live LP series, the Paramount Records Cabinet of Wonder and a titillating heat-sensitive 7?, Third Man Records and Novelties (to give it its full name) is without doubt the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of record stores.

“Taking our Golden Ticket to the dream workshop for a look behind the scenes, we learn of Third Man’s 6 most precious new releases and discover a whole Lounge of mechanical amusements not seen anywhere since way before you were born.”

Dust and Grooves is a long-running blog (and published book) all about vinyl collecting.

Third Man Records is Jack White’s (of the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, etc.) incredible record store and shrine to all things vinyl-disc-recorded.

Just great.

Questlove’s Food Salon Featuring Greg Baxtrom, Enrique Olvera, Michael Anthony, Mikiko Yui

“The Food Salon is held at Questlove’s home in the NY by Gehry building with panoramic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Long Island Sound. The salon is a gathering of thought leaders in art, music, film, TV, and food. Questlove’s chef friends Greg Baxtrom , Enrique Olvera, Michael Anthony and Mikiko Yui discuss their ideas and philosophies about food and prepare one dish that represents a first course, second course, a third course, and a dessert.”

Questlove: expert drummer, musicologist, foodie.

There is, in fact, an entire channel on Vimeo for this stuff.

Just great.

When Americans Were Thrilled to Fly

“Back in the early 1980s I was doing a series of TV spots for United Technologies and I talked them into a documentary “real people” style. At the time, American airports were the greatest in the world and people saw Dulles Airport in Washington DC as the future. Everyone was thrilled to fly and felt that it was amazing to travel the world with such class and ease.”

Does anyone remember this? How vastly things have changed.

Bonus Video!

NY Times: How To Build An Igloo

NY Times: How To Build An Igloo

Shot in 360!

I know: It’s July. But still. I think it’s very cool.

And there they are. Alllll of your Friday Videos for July 7th, 2017.

Have a lovely (not-long :'( ) weekend.