June 2nd, 2017

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Oh and I see you brought June with you. Hi June!


Directed, strangely, by Kouhei Nakama.

This reminds me quite a bit of Cyriak, only more playful, less creepy.

FRACTAL – 4k StormLapse

“This collection of timelapses was gathered over the last six years. The project started out as wanting to be able to see the life-cycles of these storms, just for my own enjoyment and to increase my understanding of them. Over time, it morphed into an obsession with wanting to document as many photogenic supercells as I could, in as high a resolution as possible, as to be able to share with those who couldn’t see first hand the majestic beauty that comes alive in the skies above America’s Great Plains every Spring.”

From photographer Chad Cowan.

These are just teriffic.

Biologist Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty – CRISPR

“CRISPR is a new area of biomedical science that enables gene editing and could be the key to eventually curing diseases like autism or cancer. WIRED has challenged biologist Neville Sanjana to explain this concept to 5 different people; a 7 year-old, a 14 year-old, a college student, a grad student and a CRISPR expert.”

This is actually not only a fascinating exercise in explaining complex topics to a range of audiences, but also highly informative of the ethical and biomedical impacts this burgeoning technology has introduced to the landscape. Really interesting conversations.

Max Cooper – Chromos

The title (and lack of description) doesn’t really describe what this is.

This article describes it as a visualization (and audio compilation) “inspired by the sound of your genetic material as it moves through cells.” Some of it is based on actual genetic / DNA data, though that’s as much as I can make out about it.

It’s also quite beautiful.

From the album of the same name, available now.

Suggested by Kim S.

Bonus Video!

100 Movies 100 Numbers 100 Seconds

[self explanatory]

Yay! Videos!

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