April 7th, 2017

Friday is back, and it’s cleanin’ up the streets…

Wait. No that’s a crappy action film teaser.

This!… is your Friday Videos!


“A first impression of Los Angeles as a struggling waiter in a world of wealth and coldness. I made this film to remember those times.”

From director Josh Shaffner.

Really beautifully rendered. I love this.

INORI (Prayer)

“Super High Speed Face Mapping (1000fps)”

Created by Nobumichi Asai at W0W.

I have included videos for this kind of tech a few years ago, and that was largely it. But this… this is fantastic. 🙂

It looks very dramatic. I wonder if they can pull this stuff off live yet. Just beautiful.

The Apple 1 Computer

A 2 minute video of an original Apple I computer being unpacked, plugged in, booted up and running a program. Recorded at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This one was on loan to the museum from Glenn and Shannon Dellimore. They bought it for $365,000. (!)

These are very rare, and not all of them are in functioning condition. Kind of crazy.

If you want to see what it’s like to run one, there is an Apple I emulator written in JavaScript.

h/t kottke

Can You Control a Person With Electricity? (Real Life QWOP)

Remember QWOP? I still play this.

Well this guy decided to create (as much as possible) a physical device that would control a person’s arms and legs in the same way.

It’s crazy!

And of course: hilarious.

And those are your Friday Videos for April 7th. 🙂

Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend.