February 24th, 2017

Friday heeeere! Check out your hot new Friday heeeeere!

Welcome! And happy Friday.

Video time. Places, everybody!

G.I. Joe PSA Compilation – [Remastered HD]

These are the Eric Fensler re-imaginings of the original 70s G.I. Joe shorts.

Even many years later these are still hilarious.

Glorious MIDI Unicorn

YouTuber Andrew Huang created a drawing of a unicorn using Midi software, and it turns out it interprets as a pretty okay little tune! πŸ™‚

This obviously took more effort than just drawing it and playing it.

A weird idea but it’s making the rounds.

Tiny Trump / The Pocket Potus

“We saw all those stills of tiny trump and were like. Thats cool but why not do it in motion aka next level meme it… Wait we could do that. So we did.” [sic]

A one-trick pony video but it works. πŸ™‚

Every NYT front page since 1852

… in 55 seconds. πŸ™‚

It’s been mentioned a few places. It’s kind of mesmerizing. It might have been good to have a little year counter on it somewhere.

Bonus Video!

La La Land as directed by David Lynch – Trailer Mix

This has some pretty smart touches to it. I like!

I would most definitely watch this.

Also: Emma Stone in an actual Lynch movie: this should be a thing.

There we go. All done. No more.

See you next week everybody.