December 30th, 2016

Friday hey? That was fast.

And it’s the last one! Better make some time for a few short videos.

Here we go…

2016: The Movie

[self explanatory]

Funny… sort of…

Star Wars but every time someone shoots a laser it speeds up

I don’t know why videos like this are suddenly a thing, but they make me laugh.

Everybody wants to kill Bruce 2

Yes, there is a part 1.

Crafted with care by Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat. Some excellent editing choices being made here.

Nat and Lo: A Journey To The Bottom Of The Internet

Technically, a journey to where undersea cables lie, and how they get there.


Bonus Video!

How To Wrap A Duck for Christmas

Now we finally know how! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a lovely weekend, a Happy New Year, and enjoy the last days of the awful year that was 2016.

See you next week.