June 24th, 2016

Another Friday, another set of videos to tell you about…

Let’s begin!

D. Masleev: Kapustin – Concert Etude No3 “Toccatina”

This is Dmitri Masleev performing an intricate étude composed by 20th century Russian / Ukranian composer Nikolai Kapustin.

If you close your eyes it sounds like it might have been programmed, but it’s not. Just a great, great performance.

The Life Of Pitti Peacocks

“Pitti Uomo is a four day long menswear trade- show, in Florence Italy”

Vimeo user Aaron Christian decided to add voice-over audio from Richard Attenborough to video of this event.


MB14 – Gangsta’s Paradise

YouTuber MB14 performs a segment of Gangsta’s Paradise using nothing but his voice and a loop recorder. This was performed at the Grand Beat Box Battle in Basel, Switzerland in 2015. You can see more of the actual “battle” here. Great stuff!


“Cars dance on highways, crowds of people wash across sidewalk shores.”

A decidedly arty film, but I found it interesting.

Bonus Video!

Doom 2 – Seinfeld: Jerry’s Apartment

Somebody made their own level of Doom that replicates the apartment in Seinfeld.

…But why?

Sent along by Ashy T.

This has been your Friday Videos! Now go out and enjoy your Summer.