April 15th, 2016

Look at that! It’s Friday!

Just look at it!

By the way did everyone catch that amazing booster landing that Space-X did? (Now you did.) Holy crap!

Okay: Guys! Videos!

Digital Dance (1982)

“by Ed Tannenbaum with music by Might Dog and Dancing by PonsMaar”

Kind of a mesmerizing effect. Created wayyyy before digital was a thing for video.

Flyboard® Air Test 1

This one is making the rounds, and it’s definitely interesting, but no way in hell would I get on board one of these.

Still: cool!

Skateboarding on FIRE in the RAIN (BURN 2)

The random capitalization of this title seems quasi-Tourettes, but this video is pretty badass.

Weaving the Bridge at Q’eswachaka

“Every year, local communities on either side of the Apurimac River Canyon use traditional Inka engineering techniques to rebuild the Q’eswachaka Bridge. The old bridge is taken down and the new bridge is built in only three days. ”

This dates back some 600 years. This takes place every June. Pretty fascinating.

Bonus Video!

Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

Some caveats: She had just had her wisdom teeth out, and apparently the anesthetic used causes the recipient to be very suggestible.

Cruel, but also definitely funny. Sent in by Traci T.

Have a lovely (warm?) Friday.