January 22nd, 2016

Hello Friday!

Great to have you back.

And now, some videos!

Choir! Choir! Choir! of 500+ Sings David Bowie’s Space Oddity at the AGO

“A collective shock was felt when David Bowie passed this past Sunday, a couple days after his 69th birthday. We immediately teamed up with the Art Gallery of Ontario to pay tribute by singing our original arrangement of Space Oddity with 500+ singers.”

I was sent this video by many subscribers and wasn’t expecting the emotional impact it provides. Definitely worth a watch. RIP, Bowie.

NYC Subway Timelapse – The Queens-bound 7 Line

A nicely-shot (4K!) short video timelapse of the 7 line in NYC. It’s kind of soothing.

Le Petit Chef – Bouillabaisse

“The world’s smallest chef cooks a typical fish dish, ‘Bouillabaisse’…”

(With the assistance of some pretty great projection mapping.)

Here’s another. These are great.


“Using rescue flares to lighten the darkness, the riders appear as sparks to reveal an ephemeral world of shadows.”

Creative! It looks really lovely.

Bonus Video!

Violin Imitating a Car Alarm

YouTuber Britaney Gaither presents the unmistakeable tones of a typical car alarm.

It’s an interesting talent…

See you next week!