July 24th, 2015

Friday! Who’s with me?

Here are your Friday Videos…

Adavi Donga Songs – Idhi Oka Nandanavanam – Chiranjeevi, Radha

This one is inexplicably making the rounds, but I provide it here in the event some small portion of the Friday Videos flock have not yet been introduced to it.

It’s a series of segments from a Bollywood movie called “Adavi Donga” from 1985.

You’re welcome.

David Bowie Star Special

“In May 1979, David Bowie did a two hour radio show called Star Special in which he played some of his favourite records.”

The entire track list is in the comments. There’s a lot of interesting choices in there. Talking Heads, King Crimson, Bob Seger, Staple Singers. Pretty great.

Kramer’s Entrance

A super-cut of every entrance the character Kramer made on Seinfeld. It’s making the rounds as well, but it’s kind of funny (and frantic!)

One Shot: Brandon Semenuk’s unReal Segment

Brandon Semenuk being a pretty kickass mountain biker.

I assume much of this was shot using drone cameras. Pretty great.

Bonus Video!

Jedi Chipmunks Lightsaber Battle

Because: of course!

Have a great Friday everybody.