May 22nd, 2015

And we’re back! It’s Friday again.

You know what that means…

Kenichi Kanazawa: Colour Sound

“Musician Kenichi Kanazawa creating sand art via vibrations on his special table. The coloured sand takes shape as the vibration frequencies fluctuate”

Really cool. There are a few of these videos out there, but this one is interesting to me in the methods used to create specific patterns.

Sent in by Cassie P.

Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos [SIGGRAPH 2015]

Take any popular photographic subject, automagically search the web for sequential images covering a specific date range, turn the resulting publicly-available images into a time-lapse sequence.

Simple, really. 🙂

The Orson Welles Show with Jim Henson and the Muppets, 1979

“Unaired pilot from 1979. Legendary film director and actor Orson Welles hosts with guests Jim Henson, Frank Oz and the Muppets, as well as Burt Reynolds and Angie Dickinson.”

Crazy! I had no idea this existed.

Also: Orson Welles would have celebrated his 100th birthday on May 6th.

Lilly // Toro Y Moi

A video of a new song from this chilled indie artist. A good song, and a decidedly odd video.

Bonus Video!

The Garden Ape

Adorable. And a little weird.

And there’s your Friday all wrapped up!

See you next week, Friday people!