May 8th, 2015

Friday’s back in town. And this summer, he’s takin’ care of business…

Uh…. right! Videos time!

Berlin in July 1945

“Fascinating moving pictures in color show the situation of the city in summer 1945, just after the Second World War and the capitulation of Germany. Daily life after years of war.”

70 years ago now.

Muppets Tonight: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince – “Starfish and Coffee”

This is one of the very few videos of Prince available on YouTube at all, so I don’t expect it to still be up even a few weeks after this posting. Enjoy.

Also: this is a track of the 1987 album “Sign O’ The Times” which I strongly recommend also.

Son Lux: Change Is Everything

Some very detailed information on how this was executed is available here.

Sent along by Armand S.

The Important Places

“Save the Important Places. Protect the Grand Canyon and other wild rivers.”

As you might expect: quite beautiful.

Bonus Video!


Short, concise, to the point.

I lol’d.

Have a great, great weekend everybody!